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Features 27-03-2023

2 min read

Hitachi Energy Days in South Africa - a resounding success

In early March, Hitachi Energy held its Energy Days in Johannesburg and Cape Town, showcasing the latest innovative technologies and updates beneficial to the local key markets. The two-days event included conversations and discussions on sustainability, digitalization, and key transformation needed in Africa.

The events featured keynote speeches from influential role players in the industry, who shared their expertise and engaged in conversations about sustainability, digitalization, and the key transformations necessary in Africa. The Johannesburg keynote address was delivered by Prince Moyo, the President of the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE), and the Cape Town address was delivered by Bertha Dlamini, EMBA, the President of African Women in Electricity and Power.

Hitachi Energy's mission is to collaborate with customers and partners to ensure a sustainable energy future for generations to come. The company is committed to advancing a sustainable energy future for all, with a focus on accelerating the evolution of the world's energy system with electricity as the backbone.

The events were hosted in major economic hubs where most Hitachi Energy customers are located. Johannesburg, home to many municipal customers, and Cape Town, a leader on the renewable energy front. The event was both face-to-face and digital, with a focus on digitalization and sustainability.

The first session highlighted how Hitachi Energy brings together the software and hardware space to offer solutions in areas such as cybersecurity, asset performance management, and energy trading. The second session focused on sustainability, and how Hitachi Energy supports its customers and the market in the region with the energy transition, looking at decarbonization, becoming carbon neutral, and net zero.

The third session centered on grid reliability and how Hitachi Energy has solutions to support the introduction of different types of generation into the energy mix, such as renewables and emerging generation technologies like hydrogen. The fourth session focused on renewables.

Hitachi Energy believes that developing and deploying technology and solutions, combined with expertise, contributes to long-term customer value creation and a real and positive human impact. We look forward to hosting more customer engagement activities in Southern Africa.