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Product Release Zurich, Switzerland 22-06-2020

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Maintenance release of Relion® 650 series version 1.1 (

A new revision of Relion 650 series version 1.1 has been released. The new revision designation is applicable only to RET650 1.1 and REC650 1.1.

REB650 1.1, REG650 1.1, REL650 1.1, and REQ650 1.1 retain the previous revision designation

The following has been corrected / improved in the new revision:


• RET650 1.1 and REC650 1.1 pre-configurations A00 (IEC) and A00A (ANSI) have now been created. The products with configuration alternatives A00 or A00A are now delivered with pre-configurations. To access and work with the A00 and A00A pre-configurations, PCM600 version 2.9 or higher is required.


• RET650 1.1 and REC650 1.1 product guides have been updated.

• RET650 1.1 and REC650 1.1 technical and application manuals have been updated.

IED Connect support

The new revision does not require any changes in the installed IED Connectivity Packages for Relion 650 series. The connectivity packages are available in PCM600 Update Manager. 

Read everything about this release in the release note.

Kind regards,

Marko Kovačić, Global Product Manager
Hitachi ABB Power Grids, BL Grid Automation