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FACTS Power Quality services

Substation repairs

System failure due to breakdowns are an inevitable reality in substations.

Fast response and restoration are essential to minimize disruption of service and associated loss in revenues and production.

Regardless of the size of a network and its power and voltage levels, Hitachi Energy offers a comprehensive portfolio of services providing solutions to restore substations to normal operation.

Highly skilled personnel and advanced tools ensure accurate on site assessment for optimal results. Due consideration is given to an array of factors including technical, financial as well as environmental, health and safety aspects, resulting in reliable and long-lasting solutions.


Reliability Space

A tailored program that gives a detailed snapshot of the current situation of an existing or new to-be-built substation.


An open and transparent digital partnership agreement that combines asset management software with Hitachi Energy's expertise.

Hitachi Energy offers cutting-edge sustainability services to calculate, cut and compensate for your environmental impact.

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