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RelCare partnership agreement

The new way to master maintenance.

The new way to master maintenance

RelCare is an open and transparent digital partnership agreement that combines asset management software with the expertise of Hitachi Energy.
It enables asset and O&M managers to reliably and cost-effectively optimize system performance and protect crucial power assets.
We share responsibility with our customers through joint access to a user-friendly digital platform that can remotely monitor the maintenance of your assets.
Together, we can make quick, data-driven decisions in real time.

A tailored and long-term partnership that reinforces system reliability and financial performance.

Digital accelerator

RelCare has been designed by substation experts for substation operations and maintenance teams to ensure the availability, safety, security, and competitiveness of crucial power assets. 

Expert by nature

RelCare enables leaner and smarter digitalized maintenance, leading to higher returns on assets by optimizing costs and increasing reliability. 

Reliable grid

Our experts are constantly collecting and analysing data to deliver actionable, accurate, and accessible information.

Tailored business model

RelCare comes in several flexible business models that can be scaled to suit the experience and needs of each individual customer. 

RelCare's 4-step integrated maintenance management process constitutes the framework for a service solution driving performance, productivity, sustainability and safety at each stage of the operations lifecycle.

Risk monitoring

End-to-end risk monitoring process is at the heart of RelCare, hence it being our very first step. Our platform leverages the asset performance models, and the data retrieved while executing preventive maintenance and inspections, to gather detailed insights into the condition of all the substation assets. 

Maintenance engineering

Hitachi Energy then applies our accumulated, global engineering know-how to design tailored maintenance policies which ultimately maximize your system's reliability. Unlike classical service agreements, our mission does not end once the maintenance program is defined. We deliver unique value over the entire time of the engagement, with inputs including but not limited to: refining the program in line with the evolving risk, proposing irregular tasks, defining advanced maintenance policies, reporting the performance of the substation, and many more. 

Maintenance planning & optimization

At this stage Hitachi Energy conducts a maintenance optimization exercise which takes into account factors such as risk mitigation potential, budget and resource constraints, and available outage time. Data-driven decisions ensure that optimal tasks become subject to scheduling and execution and that the maintenance teams focus on the most credible issues. 

Maintenance execution

Regardless of who is executing the maintenance, Hitachi Energy empowers the world-class craftsmanship and repeatability of maintenance tasks to assure safety and high first-time-fix ratio. RelCare provides the digital insights to prepare for the detailed execution of the task before going on site, whether that be reviewing safe work method statements or listing requirements for personal protection equipment or spare parts. RelCare’s mobile application is linked to the platform and guarantees that safety standards are met and each task is executed in line with the procedures and audit trail. 

The Partnership
Offering modularity that fits your needs


RelCare brochure

Hitachi Energy is the world's largest builder of electrical grids with over 100 years of world-class domain expertise. Our knowledge of designing and manufacturing electrical systems and assets is integral to the RelCare partnership.

RelCare | Digital customer event

During this live virtual event, we'll be joined by Hitachi Energy's top experts who will uncover how RelCare will empower 0&M managers to improve their grid reliability, sustainability, and efficiency.

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26-08-2020 | 4 min read

Hitachi Energy awarded three-year contract by Gulf Cooperation Council Interconnection Authority for new RelCare solution

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