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Maintenance engineering

Experience shows that up to a third of preventive maintenance tasks add little or no value, with another third usually benefiting from a change of frequency. Hitachi Energy leverages over 100 years of accumulated know-how, an extensive network of maintenance experts and a library of 700+ proven procedures to help define an efficient maintenance program which addresses risks and helps control the failure modes to meet your reliability objectives. 

integrated maintenance and substation management


Maintenance policy library

We offer over 700 off-the-shelf, tried-and-tested maintenance procedures that can be rapidly executed to develop your tailored maintenance program. 

Maintenance program definition

Comprehensive asset inventory in the form of single line diagrams for ultimate user experience, with easy access to nameplate, performance and reliability data. 

Maintenance program optimization

Review and optimize existing program to maximize the reliability and minimize the waste by focusing on dominant failure modes and applying the right maintenance policies. 

Maintenance program refinement

Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the maintenance program and service engagement over time and refine its scope in line with the evolving risk profile of the substation to keep it relevant. Introduce enhancements to prevent issues from reoccurring.