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Maintenance management

An integrated maintenance and substation management environment enables well informed decisions at any time, from anywhere. Hitachi Energy's extensive expertise ensures that the right work is done in line with the procedures, at the right place and time, with the right tools, materials and people. 

integrated maintenance and substation management


Digitally enabled maintenance

A digitally enabled, paperless process for maintenance planning and scheduling which onboards all value chain players and stakeholders such as asset managers, planners, service team leads, field technicians and subject matter experts. 

Substation management center

A substation monitoring tool dedicated to the maintenance teams promptly triggers irregular maintenance and corrective actions in response to raised alarms and warnings. 

Maintenance planning and scheduling

Optimize your maintenance plan by taking into consideration all relevant constraints such as budget, scheduled outage times and resources, allowing you to schedule irregular tasks in case of emergency. 

Maintenance tasks validation

Validate tasks executed by teams engaged in the maintenance process.