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Enhanced safety for people

Safety is our top priority

Biodegradable and safe insulation fluids


In addition to the environmental benefits mentioned here, the insulation fluids in EconiQ transformers are safer for people who might be living or working nearby. The higher flash point of these fluids substantially reduces the risk of fire.​

TXpand rupture-resistant transformers


Standard transformers are extremely rigid and strong structures, but when extreme pressure builds up due to internal failures, transformers can very rarely rupture, creating safety and environmental hazards.​


TXpand is a new power transformer technology for rupture resistance, enhancing safety for people and the environment. Transformers containing this technology can literally expand, absorbing energy from faults.​


TXpand uses a proven design and production experience with around 80 designs and over 160 units delivered.​

Dry bushings


The world’s most completed dry bushing portfolio enhances operational safety by fire and explosion-safe designs. The completely oil-free products ensure the lowest environmental impact, having reduced maintenance efforts.​

Noise reduction

Increasing relevance in many countries due to stringent noise limits, proximity to cities, and footprint constraints, transformer noise can be reduced without external sound barriers or enclosures (less concrete, smaller footprint).

Noise reduction of 10-15 dB can be achieved compared to typical levels with​:

  • Low noise design of the core and coils​

  • Compressed layer dampers for reduced noise propagation​

  • Special tank coating for sound-damping​

  • Higher quality e-steel​

  • Electromagnetic, mechanical, and acoustic simulation tools​

Transformer health in the real world
 EconiQ™ Transformers

EconiQ™ Transformers

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