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Life Cycle Analysis

We are with you from start to finish


Using scientific methodologies such as Life Cycle Analysis, we offer a quantifiable, evidence-based approach providing transparency on environmental impact, built on our deep domain expertise in transformers, followed by best-in-class solutions to improve sustainability performance. ​


We look at Sustainability with a holistic approach covering the entire lifecycle:​

  • Selecting materials that follows stringent regulations

  • Partnering with suppliers to find better ways for sustainable sourcing

  • Manufacturing our transformers using fossil-free electricity

  • Understanding how to design our transformers to help our Customers to reach their Sustainability goals

  • Supporting our Customers to use our transformers in a safe and reliable way toward the extension of their life

  • Providing guidance at the end of life to ensure proper disassembly, waste disposal and recycling

transformers lifecycle
 EconiQ™ Transformers

EconiQ™ Transformers

Co-creating for a sustainable energy future

Safeguarding surrounding ecosystems

Minimizing local impact
Transformer health in the real world

Enhanced safety for people

Safety is our priority

Responsible use of resources

Doing the most with what we have

Customer co-creation

Collaborative sustainability journey

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Hitachi Energy offers distribution and power transformers, Dry-type and EconiQ™ Transformers as well as services, for industrial and commercial applications.

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