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Features 05-07-2021

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IGCT 4.5 kV – the third generation

A new device with improved thermal performance and increased reliability for renewable energy applications.

The expansion of power electronics into new fields of energy management and renewable energy sources is driving the need for more performance and higher efficiency semiconductors while increasing demands for greater reliability and lower costs. The new IGCT Generation 3 or HPT+ “High Power Technology” devices from Hitachi Energy are designed specifically to meet the challenges of these vital applications. We improved the gate contact infrastructure for the next generation by moving it to the device periphery, reducing the gate circuit impedance to enhance the switching performance.

The IGCT is a semiconductor switch with low on-state loss, making it ideal for inverters ranging from medium to the highest output power levels. They maximize power output and energy efficiency, allowing engineers to deliver a competitive product for these applications. The latest member of our IGCT family also exhibits up to 30 percent higher turn-off capability than previous generations.