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Responsible use of resources

Doing the most with what we have

Hitachi Energy has a duty to ensure that the materials we use do not contribute to environmental degradation or lead to conflict and exploitation in the countries that produce them.

Our key goals

Full global compliance to all local, regional and global legislations (environmental, material, and product) by all suppliers and supplied products​

Operational life and end of life

We strongly believe that our obligation to sustainability does not end once our transformers leave our factories. We offer extensive services intended to keep our transformers running and extend their life plus, after decades of operation when a transformer has to be finally replaced, we provide disassembly manuals and guidance for recycling.​

power transformer core stack

Transformatori EconiQ

Co-creating for a sustainable energy future

Safeguarding surrounding ecosystems

Minimizing local impact
Transformer health in the real world

Enhanced safety for people

Safety is our priority

Life Cycle Analysis

We are with you from start to finish

Customer co-creation

Collaborative sustainability journey

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Hitachi Energy offre trasformatori di distribuzione e di potenza, trasformatori a secco e a liquido, nonché servizi, da utilizzare in applicazioni di utilità, industriali e commerciali.

Transformer Insulation and Components

The world's broadest and most reliable portfolio of transformers components and insulation