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Subsea transformers

Hitachi Energy liquid-filled, pressure-compensated subsea transformers are rated for depths up to 3,000 meters.

They reduce the high voltage to levels than can be used by pumps, motors and compressors, while providing reliable performance and cost benefits.

Deep sea equipment sets a high benchmark in terms of technology and solutions. Hitachi Energy started developing the technology in the mid-1980s, and introduced the first subsea transformer in 1999. Hitachi Energy subsea transformers are engineered to provide superior performance and cost benefits for subsea rotating equipment located far from a power supply. Over the last decade, we have supplied around twenty subsea transformers.

Hitachi Energy remains the world’s leading manufacturer of subsea transformers capable of delivering reliable power underwater with minimal losses.

Product scope

  • Voltage: up to 145 kV AC
  • Current: up to 900 A
  • Water depth: up to 3000 meters

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Hitachi Energy is an innovator for subsea electrical solutions since 1984
  • First commercial subsea transformer installed in 1998
  • Hitachi Energy subsea transformers are engineered to provide highest performance and cost benefit for offshore developments
  • Hitachi Energy subsea transformers provide all the power needed in a safe reliable manner
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