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Why asset performance management?

Asset intensive industries face unprecedented challenges. In addition to supply chain shortages and bottlenecks, you also have aggressive sustainability targets and need to manage your resources and budgets. Asset performance management (APM) software empowers business leaders to ensure smarter, safer, and more reliable operations. The decision is yours. Are you ready to get digital?

Hello Lumada APM suite.

Whether you’re new to asset management or you're ready to level-up, we’ll guide you to the solution that’s best for you. Lumada APM offers three composable modules – health, reliability, and optimization – expertly designed to make timely, data-driven decisions to optimize asset availability and reliability. 


You have data. We have insights.


Visualize your asset condition through data-driven modeling and prognostics to maximize uptime across your operations. Equip your team with a day-to-day tool that informs complex asset maintenance decisions. 


Implement system reliability engineering methodologies to drive safe, reliable, and compliant operations. Now, your teams can evaluate new investments opportunities and prevent potential system risks and bottlenecks.


Balance portfolio resources and strike the right mix of asset performance, system risk, and costs to achieve business outcomes. Compare project scenarios and predict long-term capital investments with accuracy.


Three modules, endless possibilities.

Your business has many objectives, and Lumada APM’s composable software suite delivers endless possibilities with its health, reliability, and optimization modules.  Equip your team with a 360-degree view of your assets to successfully manage assets across your system so everyone wins. Explore our modules and be sure to schedule time with one of our experts today.


To understand asset condition, you need to first model degradation patterns.  How might that asset fail today or in the future? The Lumada APM health module is a comprehensive assessment of your asset condition and performance. 


No asset stands alone. You need to know how each device’s failure will ripple across your entire system.  How will it impact your costs, safety, reliability, and the environment?  The Lumada APM reliability module is rooted in risk-based, reliability-centered maintenance practices.


Have constraints? We understand. The reality is that asset-intensive industries need to strategically manage long-term capital planning to thrive in a competitive environment.  The Lumada APM optimization module is designed to be a strategic planning tool.

Hear from your peers

Prioritizing the assets or functions that were best prepared for migration created a foundation that we can now scale for future success.



– Dana Parshall, Director of Asset Management, First Energy 


The asset models built into APM software enable us to reduce ineffective time-based practices and maximize resources, eliminating a huge backlog of data input for our maintenance engineers.

– Donald Borries, Supervising Engineer, Ameren Illinois 


Good asset information is critical to how we continue to cater to additional capacity, maintain cross-border train travel and deliver fantastic benefits to our customers.


– Richard Thorp, 
Engineering Director, HS1 Ltd.

Which module is right for you?

In 60 seconds or less, discover your ideal asset performance management module. Whether you need to understand asset health, boost overall system reliability, or optimize long-term investment plans, we’ll find the right Lumada APM module that’s right for you.   

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Hitachi Energy are proud to have 100+ year legacy working with asset-intensive industries. We know your business and have built the models you need to manage your assets and systems. It turns out, we’re also experts in digital. By harnessing the data you already have, we can help you make timely, data-driven decisions about your assets to help you optimize availability and reliability.

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