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Assemblies for high power applications

Hitachi Energy designs and produces full solid-state assemblies for applications in various environments like laboratory, production, research and development.

Hitachi Energy offers assemblies for applications in various environments like research & development, laboratory and production.

The semiconductor devices are designed to switch very high current rise rates (di/dt) for Pulse Power applications. They feature fast turn-on, very high current and high voltage blocking capability.

Due to higher reliability and lower maintenance costs, Hitachi Energy's optimized assemblies are increasingly replacing thyratrons and ignitrons.

We offer assemblies covering the range of voltage up to 120 kV and current up to 200 kA using series and parallel connections. Custom build assemblies are available on request.

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Hitachi Energy assemblies
  • Radar power supply switches
  • Food sterilisation
  • Rock blasting
  • DgNOx/DeSOx dust precipitation
  • Laser power supplies


Part Number Technology Cooling Max. Voltage [kV] dI/dt [kA/us] Imax [kA] Pulse width [us] Rep. Rate [Hz]
5SVC 032700E00 High dI/dt IGCT's
Air 5.6 6 1.2 2 1350
5SVC 083600E00 High dI/dt IGCT's Water 20 10 12.6 12 300
5SVC 163500E00 High dI/dt IGCT's Water 40 4 4.0 1000 25

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