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60Pak module

The key benefits of the new 60Pak module are highest performance, outstanding reliability and increased overload capability. All highest quality Hitachi Energy’s assets wrapped in a standard industrial housing.

60Pak module
Part number VRRM (V)


ConfigurationHousingPlecs modelOffer
5SET 0540T1800  New1800522Thyristor / thyristor (phase leg)60 mmXMLRequest
5SEG 0540T1820 New1800522Thyristor / diode (phase leg)60 mmXMLRequest
5SEE 0540T1830 New1800522Diode / thyristor (phase leg)60 mmXMLRequest
5SED 0890T22402200889Diode / diode (phase leg)60 mmXMLRequest
5SED 0890T2250* New2200889Diode / diode (common anode)60mmXMLRequest
5SED 0890T2260* New2200889Diode / diode (common cathode)60mmXMLRequest

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