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Digitalization in Energy System


Decarbonization is transforming our energy system, driving an accelerated shift from fossil-based to renewable power generation and electrification of transportation, industry and buildings sectors. This is creating the need to optimize energy both locally and system-wide leading to a complex “system of systems” that must be integrated and managed. Digitalization is the only way to manage this complexity, simplifying the contextualization of massive amounts of data. But this must be balanced with managing and optimizing today’s operations. Hitachi Energy can help you navigate this increasingly complex energy landscape. We have the right combination of connected products, software-based solutions, and digitally-enabled services to solve real-world challenges and add real value.

Digital made real

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Renewable energy is the fastest-growing power generation source. Whether operated separately as a single source of generation like a wind farm or solar plant or combined in hybrid or virtual plants, renewables are key for the decarbonization and electrification of the economy. Like many other industries, renewable energy is undergoing a digital transformation, making more data-driven decisions, becoming more agile and moving toward more autonomous operations.

Digitalization creates real business value for renewable plant owners and operators by unlocking:

  • Reliability & resilience
  • Efficiency
  • Safety & security
  • Flexibility

Digital Made Real – Renewables

Core Digital Capabilities

Energy Connect Industrial IoT Platform

Energy Connect is an Industrial grade IoT data acquisition and ingestion platform that enables Hitachi Energy’s digital solutions portfolio. Unlike general purpose IoT platforms, it was designed specifically for energy industry applications where it is critical to collect and aggregate data from edge locations like substations and move it to the cloud securely, reliably and cost effectively.

Collecting real-time data from assets such as transformers, switchgear, battery energy storage systems and EV chargers provides the ability to make effective and informed decisions about those assets. Up to date information provides visibility into the condition of assets and enables more advanced applications like asset performance management.

Lack of reliable or stale information may lead to delays in responding to important events, potentially causing unplanned outages or catastrophic failures. Reliable data is the foundation for better and faster decision making.

Collecting data is just a means to achieving real value, which is holistic oversight of all monitored assets. With Hitachi Energy’s Lumada software portfolio, insights into performance over time ensures optimal operation and return of investments made.

The Energy Connect platform consists of two major components: Edge and Core. 

Energy Connect employs industry leading cybersecurity:

  • Energy Connect Edge is entirely controlled by Energy Connect Core, ensuring that changes cannot be made from the edge side.
  • Although the edge is connected to the Internet, it will not respond nor react to any connection attempts made from anywhere online, except from the Energy Connect Core environment.
  • All connections and data are encrypted in transit and at rest.
  • Edge identity is authenticated by a X.509 certificate, secured in a physical Trusted Platform Computing chip.
  • Platform access is protected by user identity verification, firewalls and policies enforcing appropriate level of access for specific purposes.

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