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HVDC Service wheel LTSA parts 2023-08-30

Our portfolio of digital solutions and the platform they are built upon helps customers take advantage of digitalization. Today, we offer solutions that range from remote monitoring systems to systems that maximize availability, reliability and security. Many customers have already deployed these solutions.

Hitachi Energy has for many years worked with digital solutions, supporting the reliability and availability of our customers' installations. Our services are built from our HVDC knowledge, operational and information technology, digital expertise, knowledge of critical infrastructure, and comprise cybersecurity for HVDC, software updates and backups for HVDC, and maintenance based on digital tools and systems.

We offer update packages to bring older installations closer to the functionality we supply in today’s installations. Software updates that improve reliability, add functionality and accessibility, secure spare part availability and increase overall performance.

Software updates also includes updates to computer operating systems, security, malware detection, or specific updates tailored to the customer needs, such as vulnerability management.