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Digital Generator circuit-breaker (GCB)

Digital. Intelligent. Reliable.

Hitachi Energy digital generator circuit-breaker (GCB) is enabled to aggregate, analyze and manage health data collected through GMS600, the smart monitoring system to increase power plant availability. Capable of real-time remote monitoring of gas levels to minimize the environmental impact, temperature to increase availability as well as ablation to maximize GCB lifetime.

The latest digital solution features GMS600 at the heart of the GCB. Built on the already established GMS600 technology, it offers unique features such as:

  • SF6 gas monitoring and trending (GMS600-G)
  • Temperature monitoring (GMS600-T)
  • Ablation monitoring (GMS600-A).

Asset performance can be optimized through the collection of smart data. The monitoring of equipment conditions helps to predict the appropriate maintenance. The GCB is digitally integrated to provide on-premise as well as cloud connection, including Asset Health Management for GCB. Through plant-specific data visualization, the Digital GCB enables adoption of predictive maintenance strategies while enhancing power plant availability.

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Hitachi Energy is the pioneer in GCB technology with more than 60 years of proven experience
  • The first in the market to provide real time measurement of contact erosion
  • Digitally integrated enabling remote monitoring and asset management
  • Hitachi Energy offers the widest portfolio of GCB with more than 8000 GCBs installed to protect and monitor all types of power plants worldwide.
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