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Switchgear Manual

The ABB Switchgear Manual has been revised completely, and the 13th edition of the book about switchgear technology can be ordered now directly from Hitachi Energy.

More than 70 years after publication of the first edition of the BBC switchgear manual by A. Hoppner, the 13th revised edition is now available as the ABB switchgear manual. As always, it is intended for both experienced switchgear professionals as well as beginners and students.

Since 1948, the ABB Switchgear Manual has served technicians in planning and commissioning, as well as students and other interested technicians who work in the field of switchgear technology and related areas.

Starting with fundamental physical and technical terms, the book offers a broad overview about switchgear technology at all voltage levels, power systems planning, protection and control technologies and transformers. With this revision, the book is updated with sections about state-of-the-art technology.

In this edition, a team of authors comprising experienced engineers from all relevant areas has described the current and future-oriented solutions and technologies. Not only is the technology of switchgear installations and apparatus in the areas of low, medium and high voltage described. Related areas such as digital control systems, project plan­ning, network calculation, and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), etc. are also considered.

Reflecting their current importance, the sections on digitalization and the connection of offshore wind farms have been expanded. This is complemented by information on alternative insulation gases, as well as innovative switchgear systems like the digital substation, with attention to the latest standards, especially IEC 61850.