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The transformers ability to carry current to match or slightly exceed its power rating is the only measure of quality. Hitachi Energy performance is exemplary.

Hitachi Energy does not compromise on quality and our many years of experience in engineering, developing and manufacturing of power transformers for AC voltages, DC voltages, onshore and offshore applications has made us the undisputed world leader in the power transformer industry.

Hitachi Energy's full product line of autotransformers, HVDC, reactors, and substations transformers is unparalleled.

Power transformers are highly complex, engineered products. Over their lifetime of up to 40 years, they are subjected to enormous electrical, magnetic and mechanical loads. This calls for a design excellence and a controlled structured design and manufacturing process. Every Hitachi Energy power transformer is produced according to customer´s specifications and international standards. Our worldwide presence, size and financial strength make us a partner that can be relied upon time and again.

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Compactly designed, low weight transformers
  • High quality manufacturing and design optimization supports required short circuit withstand capability
  • Global manufacturing footprint provides expertise on specific local technical requirements and standards

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