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Aerial view of windmills in green summer forest in Finland. Wind turbines for electric power with clean and Renewable Energy

The crucial role of the grid connection in keeping wind energy profitable

For wind farmers, sustainable operations and continuous revenue streams depend heavily on well-maintained grid connections, running at the highest reliability. Grid connections are more likely to be neglected than the turbines, gearboxes, and towers, although a failure of the high system critical grid connection may lead to significant revenue losses. Whilst many farmers continue to apply a time-based or even a run-to-failure approach to maintaining their grid connection, there are solutions to improving the overall system reliability and uptime by applying advanced maintenance methods.

This webinar will zoom into the potential for wind farmers to improve their grid connection reliability, sustainable competitiveness, and financial outcomes through the ability to intelligently gather operational information from grid connections, combine situational awareness with human expertise, and adopt advanced maintenance programs. Join us for this session on a highly topical subject and share with us your experiences or questions



Herb Rogers

Head of Service Marketing & Sales
Hitachi Energy

Herb Rogers leads Marketing and Sales for Service at Hitachi Energy, advancing a go-to-market Service strategy at our customers’ pulse and addressing their challenges.

In his +30 years career with the company, Herb has held leadership roles in various parts of the organization. He is a dedicated advocate of service agreements and digitalized offerings that drive the power grid’s increased sustainability and reliability and foster long-term relationships with our customers.

Alfredo Parres

Industry Network Leader Renewables

Hitachi Energy

Alfredo Parres is Senior Vice President, Industry Network Leader Renewables at Hitachi Energy. As a renewable thought leader for almost two decades, Alfredo drives Hitachi Energy’ strategy in this sector and leads the business units in this segment.

In addition, Alfredo is a member of the WindEurope Board and Chair of its System Integration Working Group and its Grid Codes Task Force. He also spent five years in China, where he acquired a deep understanding of the Chinese Wind Industry and was Chair of the Renewable Energy Working Group at the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China.

Remi Doutriaux

Head of Marketing and Sales, Service Solutions
Hitachi Energy

Remi Doutriaux is a global business developer of connected services and operation & maintenance services at Hitachi Energy.

Over the last 20 years, Remi has been leading service businesses in T&D and IT, creating business value for technology and industrial asset owners. He leads the development of a digital service portfolio, helping customers optimize their assets' availability and reliability.

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The crucial role of the grid connection in keeping wind energy profitable.