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Meet Our People Zurich, Switzerland 22-04-2020

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My Power Grids story - Elin Johansson

ABB, Elin Johansson. Foto Jonas Bilberg

I am proud to be Power Grids, because we are an important part of the Swedish energy transition!

I work with transformers, and I’m especially proud that we can offer energy efficient and low losses solutions – in order to contribute to a sustainable society.

Since February 1 2020, I have a new exciting role as Market Manager for the Transformer business at the Swedish market. This role is very broad and I get to participate in all from large power transformers to our newest product, distribution poles. It's a super fun job, not least thanks to all the inspiring collaboration with both internal and external colleagues and customers. I enjoy being able to make a difference and to be the customer's voice towards our factories.

At Power Grids in Sweden, we are privileged to have two strong leaders and role models: Jenny Larsson and Johan Söderström. They both do a fantastic job caring about people, the environment, products and the energy transition. It reflects into the organization and creates a really nice team spirit.

To join forces with Hitachi feels like new, fresh and exciting. We are not competitors, but we complement each other. Together we can break new ground and offer our customers more opportunities than before.”