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Meet Our People Zurich, Switzerland 17-06-2020

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Mercedes Jul - My Power Grids Story

"There is a very relevant thing to say about me: I am IN LOVE with the power sector.

When I was just a child, I really enjoyed visiting my dad at work in an electricity distribution control centre. Seeing all those screens full of diagrams of the power system and hearing him talking about how they operate, made me realize very soon in life that behind the simple action of switching on and off the lights at home, there is a huge and really complex world full of excellent people making it possible.

Power Grids is one of the companies that make the difference in the power sector, with the mission of making complex things possible. We are a reference worldwide and knowing that I am part of it is really motivating.

My current role as Global Champion of the Energy Strategy and Technology Transformation practice within Power Consulting team allows me to work both internally and externally in projects that support our customers to adapt their business and strategy to the transition that power sector is undergoing.

On top of that, in the coming days, I am taking a new exciting role as Head of Product Management and Strategy for Grid Integration Service Solution. This new role will allow me to be even closer to our customers and help them in ensuring the reliability and efficiency of their assets, safeguarding the continuity of their business.

In this new assignment, I will help ensure that final customers—professionals, students, families, young and old--will be able to switch on and off lights in a more sustainable, efficient and reliable way. What can be more inspiring than that?

Since I started my professional career almost 13 year ago, I understood that enjoying the work you do is relevant; but having a good team and a better work environment is crucial. And I have to admit, since my first day at Power Grids more than two years ago, I have only seen positive things about my team.

Probably I should start mentioning trust and collaboration--we are like a big family and we support each other across teams and countries.

As founder of the first Spanish Women’s Energy Association (AEMENER), I am very committed to diversity and inclusion. I am really glad to be part of a team and a company that shares this commitment. This is clearly reflected in actions such as the Female Talent Development Program, first launched by Power Grids last December. Being part of it has been an enriching experience for me.

Finally, I would like to highlight our innovation spirit, ensuring that we can offer to our customer the most innovative and disruptive solutions.

Disruptive business models and innovative technologies introduce new global challenges for all the energy sector stakeholders. Strategy and Technology Transformation practice in Power Consulting is one step forward in the evaluation of new and existing technologies, energy systems and markets, cutting though the complexity of the numerous drivers that have to be taken into account when making relevant decisions.

Under the current transformation of the energy sector, almost all the beforementioned decisions are directly related with becoming a net-zero company: making low emission investments, installing clean technologies, defining a sustainable business.

Moreover, the commitment of my future team to the development of sustainable service solutions that, among others, help our customers to meet their low-emission targets is strongly present in our strategy.

In this context, I am proud to say that my work in Power Grids has a direct contribution to the decarbonization of the energy sector, which is well known as a key enable for decarbonizing the world.

Power Grids’ global footprint and strong role in the history and the future of the power sector are the main reasons why I decided to join the company two years ago.

With this joint venture, it is undeniable that our future with Hitachi will increase our global presence and reinforce our role in the power sector, which is a clear WIN – WIN--at least from my perspective.

This is the third merger and acquisition I am involved in, in the span of 13-year career and I have also participated as advisor in many. There is always a period during which uncertainty is strongly present. I am really excited to take on the challenge of transforming current uncertainty into an opportunity of learning, growing and increasing my contribution to build a stronger, smarter and greener grid."