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Transformers with Transient Voltage Protection (TVP) Technology

Complete protection for your electrical systems from failures caused by switching transients

If your processes require a lot of electrical network switching or if your electrical networks are causing a lot of nuisance tripping, then you are at risk of costly outage due to switching transients. Thankfully, there is a solution for it.

Our Transformers with Transient Voltage Protection (TVP) technology offer 100% protection to your electrical systems from such risks and prevents costly outages.

Medium voltage fast-acting circuit breakers pose a unique and pressing concern across industries: transient voltage. The stress from transient voltages is large enough to damage magnetic equipment in the network which includes transformers, motors, pumps, and measurement equipment with repeated switching over time.

This, in turn, could lead to failures and downtimes with significant cost burdens that include extensive repair efforts.

Transformer with Transient Voltage Protection (TVP) Technology by Hitachi Energy provides complete protection for your electrical systems, at every single switching instance. Its network agnostic design makes it the best fit for you, no matter what your needs.

Our transformers equipped with TVP not only eliminate switching failure modes but also provide the safest form of distribution transformation. Using strategically placed winding varistors, the TVP completely eliminates the risk of damage from sudden transient peaks and subsequent costs of downtime and repair.

Achieve reliability beyond expectations with TVP
  • The only solution to control voltage rises internally and externally to transformer windings
  • Compatible with the majority of distribution transformers
  • Winding varistors are maintenance-free and require no monitoring
  • Additional protection from lightning impulses is provided by included surge arrestors
TVP provides holistic, fail-safe protection that:
  • Reduces risk
    • Completely eliminates failures during vacuum circuit breaker (VCB) operations
    • Eliminates the financial risk of unplanned downtimes
    • Protects other downstream equipment such as motors, and current and potential transformers (CTs and PTs)
  • Saves time & cost
    • Eliminates the need for time-consuming system studies which usually take 6 weeks to conduct
    • Avoids additional investment of up to USD 50,000 or more
    • Eliminates the time spent on maintenance
  • Reduces size
    • Can be equipped within the transformer, saving up to 1 meter in length over traditional solutions

By choosing our distribution transformers with TVP, you have one less reason for failure and one more reason for peace of mind.
Let us work together towards ensuring safer and more reliable power availability for your business.


Scope for TVP Technology:
Transient Voltage Protection (TVP) Technology
Transformer with Transient Voltage Protection
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