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Upgrade, Repair, & Extend

Power transformers are the most important components of electrical energy supply networks. Although these components have high reliability, failures can occur due to external factors such as short circuits in the grid. Failures can also occur due to the aging effects of the active part, especially the insulation system, or the aging of important accessories such as bushings or on-load tap changers. In case of failure, the first action is to identify the type of failure. The aim is to localize the failure and its root cause.​

Repairing a transformer instead of replacing it can substantially reduce investment costs and provide a faster turnaround than buying a new transformer. Furthermore, to maximize the asset's technical life, a refurbishment or overhaul can be an intermediate action when no failure has occurred and the aging of the active part has reached a stage where the continued reliability of the transformer is unacceptable.​

Upgrade, repair, and extend services are frequently used options that can be performed either in an authorized service workshop or at the customer site. The reconditioned equipment undergoes complete testing and comes with a warranty.


Why Hitachi Energy

  • With our base in manufacturing power and industrial transformers, we can upgrade or repair not only Hitachi Energy or legacy unit but also perform reengineering of other makes for repair.​
  • Using our TrafoStar™ technology or re-winding as per specification, our stringent processes and quality requirements mean your transformer will be back in service in the minimum amount of time possible.​
  • To maximize your capital, tackle site constraints, or any other reason, we can repair, refurbish or upgrade your unit based on your needs cost-efficient and sustainably.

Browse our Upgrade, Repair, & Extend portfolio

Workshop Repairs for Distribution and Small Power Transformers

Hitachi Energy offers workshop repairs for distribution and power transformers ranging from 315 kVA to 5 MVA.

Workshop Repairs for Medium and Large Power Transformers

Hitachi Energy offers workshop repairs for medium and large power transformers.

Workshop Repairs for Traction Transformers

Hitachi Energy offers workshop repairs for traction transformers to prevent unpredicted failure and ensure a long transformer life.

Parts & Maintain

Hitachi Energy offers genuine, high-quality spare parts along with basic and advanced maintenance services.

Assess & Secure

Hitachi Energy offers online monitoring and asset management solutions, including diagnostic consulting services.

EnCompass™ Agreements for Transformer Service

Hitachi Energy offers long-term EnCompass™ Agreements, which combine Transformer services in a modular and flexible way.

Sustain & Decarbonize

Hitachi Energy offers an eco-efficient portfolio of products, solutions, and services scientifically proven to deliver exceptional environmental performance.


Our Global Service Teams are here to support you anytime!

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Assistenza per trasformatori

Le risorse obsolete, l’aumento della domanda di energia e la necessità critica di evitare interruzioni impreviste stanno mettendo alla prova le aziende di servizi di pubblica utilità e gli industriali di tutto il mondo. Il portafoglio di servizi di Hitachi Energy consente alle aziende di servizi di pubblica utilità e agli industriali di massimizzare il ritorno sulle risorse dei trasformatori garantendo un’affidabilità elevata accompagnata da un abbassamento dei costi del ciclo di vita e garantendo prestazioni ottimizzate e la riduzione dell’impatto ambientale.
Hitachi Energy Power Transformers


Hitachi Energy offre trasformatori di distribuzione e di potenza, trasformatori di tipo a secco ed EconiQ™, nonché servizi per applicazioni industriali e commerciali.