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Enhance maintenance planning

Trigger the right actions at the right time with intelligent asset management based on connected digital monitoring and diagnostics.

Our TXpert™ Services offer advanced diagnostic services based on data and intelligence of the open, scalable, and manufacturer-agnostic TXpert™ Ecosystem - a complete suite of products, software, services, and solutions that work together.

Monitoring improves the reliability of the assets by constantly keeping a watchful eye on the most critical transformer components. Online monitoring effectively increases performance, reduces failure risks, and cuts maintenance costs. Compared to traditional diagnostic methods performed on-site with the transformer de-energized, monitoring gives you, the asset owner, access to real-time condition information, even from remote locations. When changes in conditions are detected, you are notified immediately.


Why Hitachi Energy for Assess & Secure

  • With our Condition Based Maintenance program, maintenance costs can be optimized while achieving highly reliable power delivery.
  • Using the Mature Transformer Management Program (MTMP™), units at Risk of Failure requiring further attention and actions are singled out.
  • With screening, capital expenditure can be steered to units most in need, and the investment plan can be evaluated for different service options in a pre-set time frame (e.g., 2012 to 2042).
  • Based on extensive transformer experience, Hitachi Energy offers consultant services to support crafting maintenance strategies based on the transformer fleet's health status.
  • Hitachi Energy's transformer service experts can provide an assessment to define measures to lower the risk of failure, lower operational costs, and enhance safety.

Our Assess & Secure Offerings

APM Edge

APM Edge is an on-premise, standalone asset performance management (APM) software, a subset of the larger Hitachi Energy digital enterprise APM software.

TXpert™ Ready Sensors

TXpertTM Ready Sensors are transformer sensors and monitoring devices installed in the transformer to collect data and enable digital monitoring of key performance and health indicators and are qualified for connection to the TXpert™ Hub, our digital transformer monitoring and diagnostics device. Connected they provide data drive intelligence for optimization of transformer and grid operations and maintenance.

TXpert™ Hub

TXpertTM Hub is the cornerstone of the Hitachi Energy open, scalable and manufacturer agnostic TXpertTM Ecosystem. It enables you to take simple steps to digitalize your transformer.

TXpert™ Bushing Monitoring

TXpert™ Bushing monitoring solution provides real-time bushing monitoring for power transformers according to voltage reference and sum of current technologies. Click here to learn more.

Install & Commission

Whether you are installing a new, repaired, or refurbished unit or if it is a relocation of an existing unit, Hitachi Energy offers a secure and efficient solution to meet your needs.

Parts & Maintain

Hitachi Energy offers genuine, high-quality spare parts along with basic and advanced maintenance services.

Train & Develop

Hitachi Energy offers training programs to support your maintenance, operations, and engineering teams.

Upgrade, Repair, & Extend

Hitachi Energy offers customized solutions to extend the life of your transformers.


Our Global Service Teams are here to support you anytime!

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Assistenza per trasformatori

Le risorse obsolete, l’aumento della domanda di energia e la necessità critica di evitare interruzioni impreviste stanno mettendo alla prova le aziende di servizi di pubblica utilità e gli industriali di tutto il mondo. Il portafoglio di servizi di Hitachi Energy consente alle aziende di servizi di pubblica utilità e agli industriali di massimizzare il ritorno sulle risorse dei trasformatori garantendo un’affidabilità elevata accompagnata da un abbassamento dei costi del ciclo di vita e garantendo prestazioni ottimizzate e la riduzione dell’impatto ambientale.
Hitachi Energy Power Transformers


Hitachi Energy offre trasformatori di distribuzione e di potenza, trasformatori di tipo a secco ed EconiQ™, nonché servizi per applicazioni industriali e commerciali.