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Features 05-07-2021

2 min read

New LoPak 1200V

Introducing the newest member of the LoPak family: a 1200 V 900 A x 2 configuration in a refined LoPak1 module. The LoPak 1200 V is ideal for a wide range of applications that benefit from its compact, high-performance design.

Hitachi Energy’s LoPak modules are a popular choice for active front ends or machine-side converters that connect the DC-link to the motor. Delivering the new product in standard packaging means that, even at lower voltages, engineers can not only create new inverter designs, but also easily upgrade their existing designs to handle higher power. The LoPak family enables faster time-to-market, reduces disruption of manufacturing lines, and offers the potential of lower unit costs.
Building on our experience of high-performance, high-reliability devices for voltages at 3300 V and above, we have expanded our portfolio by introducing a family of 1200 V power modules. Starting with a 1200 V 2 x 900 A module using an upgraded LoPak module package, the new products complement the existing 1700 V family.
These new modules feature the next generation of ultra-low-loss, rugged Trench IGBT technology to fabricate the silicon switch and optimized diode.
In addition to the standard use of a copper (Cu) base plate, press-fit connectors for the control terminals, and an option for pre-applied Thermal Interface Material (TIM) on the base plate, the improved LoPak housing includes:
•  A new Cu pattern on the DBC substrate to optimize the chip locations, minimizing the temperature interactions and stray inductance/capacitance/resistance of the package, while maximizing current sharing between the IGBT/diode pairs.
•  Use of Cu bond wire for the DBC/DBC and DBC/power terminal connections and an increased number of bond wires.