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Metal enclosed capacitor banks MMECB

Smart solution for reactive power compensation configured either as a fixed or switched capacitor ​bank

The MMECB combines primary components, and secondary control and protection, within a compact modular enclosure. The system can be either configured as a fixed or switched capacitor bank. The switched bank consists of single or multiple steps, automatically controlled to improve power factor.


The design of the MMECB provides compensation for both electrical distribution utilities and large industrial power users including mining, pulp and paper, chemical, petrochemical, wind farms, plastics and heavy industries.

Why Hitachi Energy?

The capacitor bank MMECB comes with:

  • Hitachi Energy’s premium range of components
  • Factory tested
  • Integrated design of primary and secondary equipment
  • Range of enclosure types to suit a variety of applications
  • Proven Hitachi Energy design reducing life cycle costs
  • Fully enclosed design protecting live parts
  • Modular in design and easily expandable
  • Relocatable asset - can be moved as plant demands change
  • Flexibility in the range of options available to suit differing applications

Brief performance data


System voltage 1~10 kV
Control voltage AC 220V standard
Output 8 Mvar
Frequency 50 Hz
Location Indoor
Ambient temperature -25/+45°C
Altitude ≤ 1000 m
Humidity Maximum 95% day, 90% month
Insulation level 10 kV: ​42/75 kV BIL
6 kV: 30/60 kV BIL
Short circuit current ​Maximum 31.5 kA for 2s
Bank configuration Fixed, switched, single or multistep
Standards ​DL/T604, GB50227, GB11024

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