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Expanding wind power generation in India

Savli factory marks delivery of 1,200 dry type transformers for Gamesa wind farms

Hitachi Energy India provides leading-edge technology solutions for the renewable energy sector, including specially designed dry type transformers for wind turbines. These transformers feature reduced dimensions for ease of installation, and can withstand both extreme vibrations and very demanding ambient conditions, onshore and offshore.

Hitachi Energy is partnering with global wind technology leader, Gamesa, to supply dry type transformers for Gamesa’s wind projects across India. Hitachi Energy recently marked the delivery of 1,200 units over the past five years, boasting a cumulative clean power capacity of more than 2.4 gigawatts (GW). Hitachi Energy’s partnership with Gamesa underscores its commitment to develop cutting-edge technology for renewable energy applications as a means of reducing carbon emissions, while increasing power generation reliability, efficiency and availability.

Dry type transformers for the wind sector are manufactured in India at Hitachi Energy’s plant in Savli, near Vadodara. The latest unit delivered to Gamesa is a step-up transformer for a 2 megawatt (MW) wind turbine, part of an ongoing Gamesa wind power project in Chennai. The 2,350 kilovolt ampere (kVA) transformer increases the voltage of the power generated by the turbine (from 690 volts to 33,000 volts), making it compatible with the grid.

Hitachi Energy provided a customized offering featuring a slim, compact dry type transformer capable of withstanding high vibration levels and very demanding working conditions, with capacity to tolerate sudden overload conditions during peak wind conditions using forced-air circulation within the transformer, despite a highly polluted environment. 

Safe and environmentally friendly dry type transformers are now widely used in many applications. For wind applications, they are compact enough to fit inside the nacelle cubicle. Advanced production technologies ensure the highest product quality and total product reliability. For example, the vacuum cast coil encapsulation process means dry type transformers present no fire hazard and zero risk of leaking flammable or contaminating substances. 

Hitachi Energy has developed and improved dry type transformer technology for about 40 years, delivering more than 40,000 safe, reliable and virtually maintenance-free dry type units to customers around the world.

Main data
Product type Dry-type transformers
Delivery date 2011 onwards
Application Step-up transformer for wind turbine generator
Power supply

2350 kVA, 33 / 0.690 kV

Location High wind areas / India
VCC Zaragoza
VCC Zaragoza