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Customer Success Story

New Hitachi Energy offices in Spain

The offices are located in the OM building, which has the prestigious LEED (environmental) and WELL (health and comfort) Platinum pre-certifications, positioning it as the most efficient, sustainable and comfortable building in Europe and America.

Hitachi Energy Spain has just opened a new head office in Madrid, Spain, as a further step in its transformation and a sign of its commitment to a sustainable energy future.

The new offices, located at 29C-31 Julián Camarillo Street, occupy more than 2,000 m2 in the prestigious OM building of Torre Rioja, a world reference in sustainability, energy efficiency and comfort. With the prestigious LEED (environmental) and WELL (health and comfort) Platinum pre-certifications, there is only one other building with similar characteristics in Asia.

Madrid office reception

A design aligned with a purpose

The office design aligns perfectly with the company's purpose to advance a carbon-neutral future for all. As such, spaces have been created to put sustainability at the center.  

This sustainability is achieved thanks partly to selecting the most innovative suppliers and materials, such as cork flooring, carbon-neutral carpets, acoustic felts or countertops made from recycled materials.

90% of the flooring surface used in the project achieves a remarkable negative carbon balance, being also high-end products that combine quality, performance and unique designs.

The building has different energy efficiency technologies, such as photovoltaic and solar thermal panels, geothermal energy, biomass boilers, wind energy, water and waste storage and treatment systems, etc.

In addition, thanks to its active ventilated facade with solar control and the advanced magnetic levitation air conditioning system, the space enjoys pure environments, greater comfort, pleasant temperatures and savings in consumption of up to 50%. 

Creative spaces that boost hybrid work

The office is designed to boost the digital transformation. The project has been developed with a diverse group of employees, which has favoured flexible spaces according to business needs that offer a wide range of possibilities aligned with the company's teleworking model.

The space, a benchmark of a new era, fosters innovation, flexibility and meeting, with various common services that make going to the office a unique experience.

The workstations are free and have the latest technology. The rooms are divided into phone booths, for quick calls or meetings, meeting rooms, with different capacities and fully equipped, collaboration areas, different spaces to work in different ways and event areas, flexible and customizable spaces for events.


Caring for people

Most importantly, the offices are designed by and for people, with a qualitative approach focused on the human dimension.

For example, thanks to incorporating elements directly from nature through biophilic design, which, according to several studies, can reduce user stress, blood pressure and heart rate, while increasing productivity, creativity and well-being.

This is made possible by introducing vegetation throughout the space as a conductive element. Another foundation of biophilic design is the use of natural light and the orientation of the spaces to it at every hour of the day. Finally, the use of natural forms to recreate the relationship between humans and nature.

Biophilic design brings all of these fundamentals together and helps bring order, safety, curiosity, affection, discovery and much more to the office.

In conclusion, Hitachi Energy's new offices in Spain are an example of sustainability when a space is aligned with purpose, putting people at the center.