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Features Zurich, Switzerland 12-02-2020

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Japan’s grid coordinator OCCTO signs perpetual license agreements for ABB’s cross-regional power supply and demand simulation software PROMOD

ABB’s premier integrated electric generation and transmission market simulation software provides OCCTO with a highly accurate view of market dynamics.

Enables OCCTO to address transition scenarios in Japan’s electric-system deregulation program and changes for power generation and transmission facilities while ensuring system reliability.

Japan’s national electric grid coordinator, the Organization for Cross-regional Coordination of Transmission Operators (OCCTO), has chosen ABB’s PROMOD software solution to simulate cross-regional power supply and demand.

PROMOD provides users with more detailed insights on the dynamics of the grid, as it has the ability to derive the effects of transmission congestion, fuel costs, supplier availability and demand growth on market prices at the nodal level. The implementation of this agreement builds on the existing relationship that started in 2018 when OCCTO signed an annual license agreement for PROMOD. Today’s announcement marks a new, advanced phase of the partnership between OCCTO and ABB to include agreements for permanent licenses, maintenance and the technical support of PROMOD.

“Japan has embarked on a determined effort to evolve its energy system, diversifying its energy mix to integrate more clean energy supply, strengthening customer choice and opening its system to new suppliers and technologies,” said Massimo Danieli, head of ABB’s grid automation business line in the company’s Power Grids business. “We are pleased by the opportunity to employ our global perspective and deepen our partnership with OCCTO in support of these important innovations, accelerating the transition of Japan’s electric grid to provide a cleaner, cost-competitive, reliable energy supply.”

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How PROMOD contributes value to OCCTO

Under the agreement, the PROMOD solution enables users to generate real-time analysis of energy flows, asset-investment evaluation and market-design insights. The deployment will to contribute to Tokyo-based OCCTO’s next steps. For example, integrating more diversified market participants under the nation‘s deregulation plan and their supply, as well as guiding future system investment decisions while adding greater amounts of variable renewable energy. All of this whilst ensuring overall reliability and system stability to benefit Japan’s industrial, commercial and residential energy users.


PROMOD incorporates extensive details of power plant operating characteristics and constraints, transmission constraints, supply analysis, operating conditions and market system operations within a proven, easy-to-configure, automation-capable analytical product offering. Furthermore, ABB is supplying a base data model of electricity systems in many countries, including Japan.