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Features Alaska, United States 25-05-2022

1 min read

Achieving a resilient and sustainable energy future in Alaska​

A rugged Alaskan town utilizes battery power for a more resilient grid and a step closer to energy independence.​ See how Cordova Electric Cooperative is realizing their ambitious vision of rebuilding its energy system to be more resilient and sustainable.

Li-Ion batteries for microgrid frequency stabilization​

Flexible energy storage of hydroelectric production and more renewables​

Reduced dependence on diesel sourced power


Accelerate the move to sustainable energy to support state’s largest fishing fleet, and protect the local ecosystem after a major oil spill.​


Developed a microgrid to harness available hydropower sources year-round, despite seasonal variability, using a microgrid and battery energy storage system (BESS).​


Maximized renewable energy production, significantly reducing dependence on diesel by 40-50k gallons per year.​

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