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Product Release Baden, Sweden 02-12-2020

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Introducing Grid Automation Shield

We are proud to introduce the Grid Automation Shield, a lifecycle management program for protection, control and communication systems that brings our customers under service agreements up-to-date product lifecycle support, cybersecurity care services, access to online product lifecycle information on installed base and more.

The program also introduces the Collaborative Operations Portal that will offer our customers an exclusive and unique point of access to updated product information oriented to actual installed base, contact and support.

Grid Automation Shield is a customer-oriented program to enable better lifecycle management of customer's installed base. The program is designed to offer our customers a package of services that will enable the mapping and tracking of the installed base, providing up-to-date information about the product lifecycle and the associated services required to keep the products and systems under optimal operating conditions. Current service modules available for the substation automation and communications service agreements are combined into a flexible subscription offering to fulfil different customer needs. 

A brand new program providing customers with better support for the operation and maintenance of the systems over the entire lifecycle of our products.

The program also introduces a new customer-oriented portal, the Collaborative Operations Portal, to facilitate the lifecycle management of actual assets installed at substations by correlating data collected from the field with data available from the factory or product unit. 

A dashboard in the Collaborative Operations Portal
The main dashboard of the Collaborative Operations Portal

The association of these data provides both customers and grid automation units a new set of information that can be easily reached from a web portal, which once combined with the substation automation and communications services will deliver our customers better support for the operation and maintenance of the systems over the entire lifecycle our products.

In this first release we provide support for the MicroSCADA product family, with other product lines to follow. Additional services will also be enabled in the coming releases.

Read all about this release in the release note.


Luis-Fabiano Santos

Switzerland - Baden
Global Product Manager