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Meet Our People Zurich, Switzerland 27-05-2020

2 min read

Sophie Fryland - My Power Grids Story

“I am #ProudToBePowerGrids because I get to work with technology in the forefront, with competent and dedicated co-workers in improving society little by little in the hopes of leaving it better than when we entered it.”

"The work I do at Power Grids inspires me because I am able to wake up every day and work with technology in the forefront, solving complex problems together with a dedicated and competent team.

In our team, there is a strong sense of camaraderie—we help each other and walk the extra mile in order to deliver systems and solutions that we are proud of and our customers, who we really see as partners, are satisfied with. In turbulent times and when facing difficult challenges, the team pulls together towards our common goal.

I work with the development of the HVDC control system – called MACH – which is designed to control every aspect of an HVDC system, the central digital “brain” that controls, monitors and collects vital information for our customers so they can operate and maintain the HVDC system.

HVDC systems integrate vast amounts of clean offshore wind and hydro power into the grid. It enables transmitting power at long distances with low losses and improved power quality, potentially saves millions of tons of CO2 every year, and of course the integration of clean power has unlimited potential.

Going forward together with Hitachi is a natural evolution of Power Grids and it’s a journey filled with possibilities that I am proud and excited to be a part of and see where it leads us."