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Meet Our People Zurich 23-07-2020

2 min read

Manisha Shukla, India

I am proud to be Power Grids because it has an open, performance-oriented culture with diversified workforce and able leadership. This enables me to contribute towards Hitachi ABB Powergrids’ goal that allows me to align my professional goals along with the right balance between professional and personal priorities.

"Freedom to work on your ideas for better customer experience on a continuous basis and supporting the business goals through the same, keeps me inspired to experiment with new ideas.

I always strive to contribute towards sustainable energy in two ways: one, through introducing new technology products with less carbon footprint at our experience center and two, through continuously introducing the new courses towards green energy such as ‘Renewable Integration to Grid and ‘Power Quality Aspects of Future Grid,’ being a few of them.

In addition, I also introduced digitization in training execution, thus reducing the impact of paper consumption and usage of data for better analytics.

The spirit of teamwork is also very much alive. At PowerTEC, I need to collaborate with all business lines and the best part of the team’s culture is the readiness to support each other during training programs and achieve the utmost satisfaction from customers. This is clearly visible in customer feedback from the programs. A concrete example are the webinars being conducted now. Thanks to teamwork, we could plan webinars and connect digitally to 4000+ customers during the COVID19 situation.

It’s very exciting that our future together with Hitachi has very clear goals to expand in the area of mobility (railway and Evs), life (smart cities and buildings) and industry (manufacturing), along with conventional segment and I’m really looking forward to being a part of this growth journey.“