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Meet Our People Zurich, Switzerland 29-11-2020

2 min read

My Power Grids Story - Lisa Hirsch

I am proud to be Power Grids because I am proud to be a Woman Logistician who is able to contribute to creating a better future for coming generations through integrating renewable sources into the power grid.

As a 14-year-old girl child, I was afraid that there would not be enough energy for everyone around the world in the future. At a young age, I understood that fossil resources were becoming scarce and regenerative energy had poor efficiency.  Today, however, I am convinced that there is a solution to every problem. Working at Power Grids allowed me to contribute towards a carbon-neutral future.

I am proud to work for an organization that champions sustainable development. At Power Grids, shaping a carbon-neutral world is possible through electrification.  In the logistics, electricity plays a vital part in helping us create efficient, reliable and fast processes for our material flow and information flow along our global supply chain. Likewise, electricity is essential in achieving cost efficient transports and intelligent concepts for reusable packaging in order to ensure a smooth lean production supply. 

What makes working for a sustainable future even more meaningful is working with a team that turns customers’ problems into appropriate solutions. I enjoy facing various challenges with my team and our global organization consisting of individuals with different backgrounds, skills and responsibilities. Despite having different cultures, hierarchical structures and areas of expertise, we work on equal terms towards our common goals.