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Meet Our People Zurich, Switzerland 29-04-2021

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Anshuman Sharma, India

Anshuman Sharma smiling

Working towards sustainable energy--this is a really proud feeling. Being part of Power Grids gives me immense satisfaction knowing that I am contributing actively in making our planet a better place to live in.

Contributing towards digitalization means seeing happier and more satisfied customers, helping them in their digitalization plans that help reinvent processes, improve quality and promote consistency. Many of our customers are not aware about hidden potential of digitalization but when they realize this through our help, they feel really happy about the potential in accelerating the energy transition. 

I am Regional Product Specialist. Our team offers unique services to customers which can bring lot of great value to our end users such as safety in their work practices while lowering their operational and maintenance budgets. While offering services like preventive maintenance of their assets, effective solution to convert existing assets into digital assets (Digitalization), we help them realize their goals to lower maintenance budgets, cost optimization, reliability, and effective control over their assets. 

As most of the world economies are working and committing themselves towards carbon-neutrality, our solutions allow our stakeholders to strike a great amount of balance in recalibrating the speed and scope of ongoing efforts to curb climate change, through digitalization.  

Now coming together with Hitachi, we get to further contribute towards sustainable energy and grow EV infrastructure while helping others to decarbonize.