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Meet Our People Mannheim, Germany 15-06-2022

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Hao is helping us solve tomorrow’s energy challenges

Hao Chang, Senior Technical Consultant, Power Consulting, Grid Integration

Hao Chang, Senior Technical Consultant, Power Consulting, Grid Integration

Advanced, sustainable power systems are the central focus of my work as a senior technical consultant for Hitachi Energy, based in Mannheim, Germany.

Basically all our projects from Power Consulting involve digitalization and sustainability. We are always thinking how we can become more energy efficient, what we can do more to help our products become more sustainable, and also, what kind of products and systems we will need in terms of digital trends, and the energy transition. So I've mainly been focused on trying to help out in these areas, providing my expertise to both my colleagues and external customers.

I am no stranger to the momentous changes happening in the energy sector, especially in Europe.

I grew up in Hamburg when I moved to Germany with my parents when I was 10 or 11, about 20 years ago now. That long journey and many others since – including a PhD in electrical engineering from RWTH Aachen University – brought me to Hitachi Energy last year.

My thesis, on managing and reducing power grid congestion, was part of the Kopernikus project ENSURE effort to develop the power grid of the future in support of the Energiewende, Germany’s energy transformation to a low-carbon, nuclear-free economy world, for example the U.S., China and India, helping external customers as well as supporting the transition of our own sustainability goals. One example was a project for a large data center, a part of our EconiQ™ Consulting portfolio, where we conducted a feasability study that lays the foundation for this customer to reach their future enviromental goals.

My Power Consulting work at Hitachi Energy is both technically challenging and very satisfying. A lot of what I do involves a mixture of research and feasibility study, so there is a sense that no one has really done it before. For example, we look at how to integrate more sustainable technology options such as hydrogen or fuel cells at customer sites, or how we can help our industries become more energy efficient.

A lot of the things we consider, I think, haven’t been thought of or considered before, and we have to come up with new ideas and try to see if an idea is technically and economically feasible, and also make sure it supports the global energy transition and fulfills the goal of being sustainable.

I foresee a future of helping to resolve global energy challenges with competent, like-minded colleagues. I really like our team in Power Consulting, and getting to work with young people who have just recently graduated as well as with more experienced ones. We sort of speak the same language, and have similar ideas and relate to each other, so the team dynamic is really good, which also goes for the global team I've met.

With respect to Hitachi Energy, I think that the people I work with here are very competent and also very open minded. It is great to have technical discussions with knowledgeable people, but also open conversations on many other topics. We share a lot of different ideas, and that really inspires me, plus the company is always pushing towards digitalization and sustainability, which are the topics I'm most interested in. So that’s why I work here, and where my focus lies. I am surrounded by great people and we are all working towards a common goal — building modern, sustainable energy systems. I feel the company goal and my goal personally are aligned, and together we are trying to get this transition launched and working, so that it continues and is successful.