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Meet Our People Thailand 13-03-2024

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Meet our people: Marco Castellaro

From student to professional: my internship and corporate experience at Hitachi Energy

Marco Castellaro, a 25-year-old electrical engineer from Albisola Superiore, Savona (Italy), tells us about his journey from university student to colleague at Hitachi Energy.

Discovering Hitachi Energy

In October 2022, right after my second year of graduate school—which I spent in Germany—and while I still had three exams and a thesis to complete in Italy, I decided to attend a career day organized by the Polytechnic of Turin. That’s where I got to know Hitachi Energy. I had the opportunity to talk to research and development (R&D) and human resources professionals who triggered my curiosity, and I wanted to know more about this pioneering technology leader.

The goal of completing my thesis in the company

My goal was clear: I wanted to carry out my thesis directly within a company rather than at the university. While catching up on exams, I contacted Hitachi Energy to see whether I could seize the opportunity to complete my master’s thesis there. Together with my university professor and my soon-to-be colleagues, I decided on an interesting topic: analyze the PowerStore™ product, with a focus on black start—a challenging application aiming to restore the system’s functionalities. The company's enthusiasm was palpable, and in mid-April 2023, my journey began as I started to familiarize myself with the work environment. I faced the challenge with enthusiasm, knowing I could apply the knowledge gained during this internship in the professional world.

Energizing my career: the journey with Hitachi Energy

With my freshly obtained electrical engineering degree, I received a permanent contract offer from Hitachi Energy. I am now a full-time employee, an R&D Experienced Professional. My decision to continue working in the corporate environment, and at Hitachi Energy in particular, was facilitated by the positive atmosphere of knowledge sharing among colleagues. At Hitachi Energy, we believe in the power of connection. By connecting diverse people across the globe in an inclusive environment, we create great innovation.

Navigating thesis vs. work: a personal perspective

When it comes to advising whether to do your thesis at the university or to opt for work experience, I think the choice depends on the individual. Understanding the work environment and interacting with experienced professionals are crucial aspects that can influence a successful outcome. Personally, I found value in engaging with colleagues and applying their practical knowledge to my still-theoretical studies. When you connect with the right people, you can advance anything. During my thesis I was given responsibility, and my team encouraged me to make decisions.

The life of a thesis student and that of a worker present different challenges, but the corporate thesis experience enriched my journey, providing a practical and concrete perspective. While some may prefer the quieter environment of the university, working directly in the company allowed me to learn and apply the skills acquired during my studies.
Bridging theory and practice

In conclusion, the transition from thesis student to professional has been rewarding, and I hope my thesis can serve as a starting point for future corporate projects in the energy sector. My experience with Hitachi Energy has been a formative chapter that I recommend to anyone seeking to integrate theory and practice in their academic and professional journey.