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Meet Our People 05-04-2024

3 min read

Meet our people: Mercedes Jimenez

I’m Mercedes and I’m a Customer Support Engineer at the Global Customer Contact Center (CCC) in San Luis Potosí, Mexico.

We are the first point of contact for our clients around the globe that get in touch with us by call, email, or the website through chat or web request. Our team offers support in queries regarding Hitachi Energy’s products, systems, or services.

I’m an Electronics Engineer from the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí (UASLP) with a specialty degree in Control and Automation, and I also hold a postgraduate degree in Project Management. I joined the company back in 2014 as a Customer Service Agent in the Robotics business unit at ABB, and a year later I was invited to be the PMO for a SAP implementation project.

After the go-live I went back to Robotics until 2019, when I started my current position and adventure in Hitachi Energy at the Global CCC. Ten years later, I’m still very passionate about what I do in the company and about my very dynamic role, from providing support to customers and properly documenting all our processes to working in our internal quality and productivity improvement projects.

Although, I admit it was a big challenge for me when I first started, because it was my first job as a recent university graduate. I was starting from zero and had to learn my way around the industry and the company; it was a new environment, with new goals and parameters to follow. Still, I enjoyed the challenge and all the learning experiences that overtime increased my interest for joining new projects and grow my career.

I have a one-year-old at home and wake up very early in the morning with important objectives to achieve throughout the day, both at home with my family and at work. At Hitachi Energy, human value is important, and this gives me the good feeling of being part of an amazing company where I’m able to meet those goals. I get continuous learning opportunities every day and increase my treasure of experiences that make me feel pleased with the results.

Hitachi Energy gives us the opportunity to increase our knowledge and professional experience in an environment where everyone feels safe, comfortable, respected, and valued. 

It’s exciting to see the company grow, to visualize the results where all teams like mine have collaborated and put in the effort. It’s also great to see that this means good days will come to the company and all of the people that are part of it.



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