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2021 CIGRE Virtual Centennial Session

mercoledì, 18.08.2021, 09:40 - venerdì, 27.08.2021, 16:00 CEST

The 2021 CIGRE Virtual Centennial Session is complementary to the signature event in Paris which was held in August 2020, and the next event will be held in August 2022.

This unprecedented online event will offer a vast wealth of power system expertise, digitally shared from across the global CIGRE community, and Hitachi Energy plays an active role in Group Discussion Meetings, tutorials and workshops. 

Our contributions cover numerous subjects in areas such as Transformers, High Voltage Equipment and new materials, substations, HVDC, Power Electronics and hydrogen as well as Active distribution systems and environmental aspects. We also present new methods and algorithms for system expansion planning and operation in transmission systems and in active distribution systems, and visionary concepts of smarter, stronger and greener future power systems. 

Our experts participate in Group Discussion Meetings, tutorials and workshops, and in study committee management meetings all over the week. Meet some of our experts here.

Meet our Experts

Through its vision, portfolio and expertise, Hitachi Energy is uniquely positioned to support you, wherever you are on your journey to carbon-neutrality. Engage with our experts to discuss how to transition to a more sustainable, resilient, secure and safe energy system.

Leadership messages

Hitachi Energy Keynote
Claudio Facchin
Chief Executive Officer

Accelerating transition towards carbon-neutral energy future
Markus Heimbach
Managing Director of Business Unit High Voltage Products

Moving into the Energy sector 
Noaman Amjad
Global Head of Marketing & Sales 

Towards a Sustainable Energy Future 
Matthew North
Head of HSE and Sustainability

Meet our CIGRE Award recipients

Meet our CIGRE contributors

Britta Buchholz, Vice President Active Distribution Grids

Expertise - Microgrids, research and management, integration of renewable energy resources into power systems

CIGRE Contribution

  • Co-chair Women in Energy Forum: Energy transition over the next 100 years
  • Co-chair of Group Discussion Meeting for SC C6
  • Distinguished Member of CIGRE
  • Member of Technical Council Working Group AFRICA

Alexandre Oudalov, Manager, Power Systems of the Future

Expertise - European Technology & Innovation Platform Smart Networks for Energy Transition, Distributed Generation, Power Generation

Cigre Contribution

  • C6 & C1 Workshop: Hydrogen Supporting the Energy Transition. 
  • Member of Study Committee ‘Active distribution systems and distributed energy resources,’ leading a working group on ‘DER aggregation platforms for the provision of flexibility services.’  
  • Active member of the working group, ‘Global sustainable electricity system: Effects of storage, demand response and trading rules.’

Martin Kriegel, Senior Principal Engineer

Winner of CIGRE 2021 Technical Council Award for A3 Transmission and distribution equipment

CIGRE Working Groups

  • WG A3.20 Simulations and calculations as verification tools
  • A3.24 Tools for simulating internal arc and current withstand testing
  • A3.36 Application and benchmark of multi physic simulations and engineering tools for temperature rise calculation

Liliana Arevalo, Senior Principal Specialist – HVDC insulation systems

Expertise - HVDC insulation station and equipment design and testing, lightning protection, research and development

CIGRE Contribution

  • Techniques to support product development

Abhay Kumar, Senior Principal Project Lead Engineer, Global HVDC Engineering

Expertise - HVDC: Engineering and Project execution. Long experience with UHVDC Projects.

CIGRE Contribution

  • Paper B4-102: Principles for paralleling HVDC-LCC converters: point-to-point transmission, multiterminal and HVDC grids (Co-author)
  • Paper B4-112: Challenges of HVDC standardization in external insulation design of converter stations (Co-author)
  • Presently Member in Working Groups: C1-44, B4-AG01, B4-AG04-TF and B4-78

Evgenii Ermakov, Technical Consultant in Diagnostic Services, Transformer Service, Ludvika, Sweden

Expertise - Diagnostics of high-voltage power transformers, life and risk assessments of transformers

CIGRE Contribution

  • A2-313 (Sweden) - Fleet screening of HVDC transformers

Uwe Riechert, Principal Project Manager

Expertise - Gas-insulated switchgear, UHV substations, HVDC substations; HVDC GIS, Hybrid HVDC breaker, diagnostic and monitoring, insulation systems, testing

CIGRE Contribution 

  • Member of different CIGRÉ WGs (SC D1, A3, B3, C4), convenor of advisory group D1.02: High Voltage and High Current Testing and Diagnosis
  • Author or co-author of 4 papers (B3, D1)

Mats Larsson, Senior Principal Scientist

Expertise - Power system stability and control with focus on converter based power systems. Synchrophasor applications and WAMS.

CIGRE Contribution

  • SC B4 Tutorial  HVDC harmonics – topical and emerging issues for AC and DC sides 
  • Part 2: Harmonic stability and converter interoperability

Nigel Shore, Consultant / Senior Specialist

Expertise - HVDC systems, harmonics and filters 

CIGRE Contribution

  • SC B4 Tutorial  HVDC harmonics – topical and emerging issues for AC and DC sides 
  • Part 1 – DC Side Harmonics and Filtering

Miguel Cuesto, Global Technology Manager for Power Transformers

Expertise - Transformer design and development, especially in thermal aspects (several Cigre technical papers and participation in related working group). Transformer International Standards (Chair of Spanish Transformers Committee)

CIGRE Contribution

  • Question SC A2 PS3 Q.2.
  • Co-author of paper SC A2-107: Enhanced cooling of dry-type transformers for wind applications

Priyanka Gugale, Senior Application Engineer and Product Manager

Expertise - Generator circuit-breakers and related EMT studies: Short-circuit currents, Out-of-phase switching currents, Transient recovery voltage, Ferroresonance studies, Microgrids and dynamic stability of power systems

CIGRE Contribution

  • Contributor for A3-PS2: Optimized maintenance and lifecycle cost reduction with novel monitoring system for generator circuit-breakers

Michael Gatzsche, R&D Senior Engineer

Expertise - High-voltage gas-insulated switchgear: eco-efficient gas, HVDC GIS and circuit-breaker, instrument transformers, electrical contacts and thermal performance

CIGRE Contribution

  • 2021 Group Discussion Meeting: B3, PS1, Q PS1.5 "Choosing Technology for Insulation and Interruption to Minimize Environmental Impact based on Lifecycle Analysis"
  • 2020 Paper: B3-121 “Prototype Installation Test of HVDC GIS for Meshed Offshore Grids”

Patrick C. Stoller, Principal Engineer

Expertise - SF6-alternatives, gas circuit breakers, arc interruption, gas-insulated switchgear, fast-acting earthing switches

CIGRE Contribution

  • Papers: A3-118_PS1, D1-214_PS2
  • Answers to special reporter questions: A3-PS1-Q7-3, A3-PS1-Q7-4, A3-PS1-Q7-5

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Electricity will be the backbone of the entire energy system. We are evolving this system. And we are evolving too. From October 2021 we will become Hitachi Energy!

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Sustainability 2030 – towards a sustainable energy future

Sustainability 2030 is Hitachi Energy’ new strategic plan for sustainability, where we summarize the main commitments to act and drive business in a sustainable way. 

Electricity will be the backbone of the entire energy system

Electricity. Like the air we breathe, it's invisible, but it is essential to life. Together, with customers and partners, we are committed to accelerating the energy transition towards a carbon-neutral future.