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Enterprise Software for Utilities


Optimize your asset management strategy

Electric utilities are facing increasing demands. Whether you offer power generation, transmission or distribution services, your business likely has challenges which can include managing: an aging workforce, safety risks and limited resources.

Hitachi Energy’s APM software is designed specifically for asset-intensive industries to help you make timely data-driven decisions to optimize asset availability and reliability across your utilities grid. Wondering how?


  • At the asset level: We help you visualize asset condition through data-driven modeling and prognostics to maximize uptime.
  • At the system level: We help you implement system reliability methodologies to drive safe, reliable, and compliant operations.
  • At the portfolio level: We help you optimize portfolio resources to balance performance, risk, and cost to achieve your business objectives.

Asset health is wealth 

Some assets are inherently critical to your organization. To understand asset condition, you need to first model degradation patterns and understand how that asset fails.

The Lumada APM health module is a comprehensive assessment of your asset condition and performance. Dedicated dashboards show the health and prognostics of each individual asset class via a probability of failure (PoF) risk matrix. Through automated fault analysis, you can consult individualized health scores and indices. Our pre-configured library of over 175 physics-based, ML/AI (machine learning / artificial intelligence) and statistics models deliver unparalleled insights about your most complex assets.

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Cost avoidance (projected catastrophic events due to asset failure) in 2021


Controlling and protecting 30% of the networks globally

$4 trillion

Analyzing and optimizing $4 trillion of assets every day

Hear from our experts

Learn how Hitachi Energy’s APM software enables asset-intensive industries to be more adaptive, collaborative, insightful, and ultimately more prescriptive.

Lumada asset and work management for utilities

Data is power. At Hitachi Energy, we offer a suite of enterprise software including EAM, FSM and APM to help your utilities companies operate. The Lumada suite features technologies such as machine learning, AI, advanced data analytics, hybrid cloud management and cybersecurity. By connecting your different software solutions, you can be more adaptive, collaborative, insightful, and predictive. 

Collaborative asset intelligence supports better decisions, bigger revenues

Power generation company revenues rely on asset management. These revenues are maximized not only by providing reliable power to customers but also from a utility shrewdly managing its commercial operations. Too often, the asset management and commercial teams are siloed. With greater communication comes greater insight and better decision-making to drive revenue. Learn how to break the silos.

Field data to fleet decisions: embarking on the journey

Digital transformation is changing the playing field for power generation companies. You can either see change as a challenge or view it as an opportunity to evolve and perform better than ever. Taking full advantage of the power of modern data requires you to embrace a more data-driven culture. Watch the video for some practical steps to help make that happen.

American Electric Power (AEP) manages asset health with Lumada APM

AEP has been in business for over 110 years—but with such longevity come the all-too-common problems associated with aging infrastructure. AEP needed a way to evaluate their electrical assets and make informed repair/replace decisions. Together with Hitachi Energy (then ABB), we implemented a robust asset health center. Watch as AEP's Jeff Fleeman discusses the benefits of managing asset health with Hitachi Energy's APM solution.

Ameren Illinois has more than 1,200 substations over 4,500 miles of transmission lines and 46,000 miles of distribution lines that need to be maintained and upgraded, involving thousands of transformers, circuit breakers, and other assets. 

FirstEnergy set a goal to migrate from its traditional, retroactive operational reporting and time-based maintenance to predictive maintenance and prescriptive analytics strategy driven by field data.

Frequently Asked Questions

APM software helps utilities optimize asset maintenance schedules, predict equipment failures, and improve overall operational efficiency, leading to reduced downtime and increased reliability.

For transmission and distribution, APM software assists in monitoring the health of substations, transformers, and power lines, enabling utilities to identify issues early, prevent outages, and manage energy flow effectively.

APM software provides actionable insights, suggesting maintenance strategies, replacement schedules, and investment priorities based on data analysis, helping utilities make informed decisions.

Yes, APM software can be customized and scaled to fit the needs of utilities of varying sizes, from small municipalities to large power corporations.

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