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Customer Success Story

La Ventosa

SVC for grid integration of wind power and damping of power oscillations in a 400 kV interconnector

A Static Var Compensator (SVC) rated at 300 Mvar inductive to 300 Mvar capacitive is operated in the 400 kV La Ventosa substation of the CFE (Comisión Federal de Electricidad) power transmission grid in Mexico. The SVC is required to provide high-speed dynamic reactive power generation and/or absorption during certain system outage and loading conditions.

The SVC was installed and commissioned by Hitachi Energy in 2010 as a turn-key commitment. The SVC is located adjacent to a large wind farm cluster, with a generating capacity close to 2.000 MW at the time of commissioning the SVC. Subsequently, there are plans for additionally 1.900 MW of wind power to go into operation in the area. The wind power is fed to La Ventosa substation over a 230 kV collection grid. The SVC fulfils several tasks in conjunction to this:

− Control the 400 kV voltage under steady-state as well as transient conditions;
− Minimize voltage fluctuations in the grid;
− Provide damping of active power oscillations between wind farms as well as between wind farms and the grid. Also, provide damping of active power oscillations over the 400 kV interconnector between Mexico and neighbouring Guatemala. 

Main data
System SVC
Commissioning year 2010
Controlled voltage 400 kV
 SVC rating 300 Mvar inductive to 300 Mvar capacitive, continuously variable
 Control system  - Three-phase symmetrical voltage control by means of a closed loop voltage regulator;
- Power oscillation damping 
 Thyristor valves PCT (Phase Control Thyristors), water cooled, indirect light firing