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Instantaneous stepless reactive power compensator PQCR+

Low/medium voltage reactive power compensation solution for inductive and capacitive loads

PQCR+ is a solid state reactive power compensation solution with high reliability and low loss for dynamic and highly fluctuating loads. A single module is rated up to 375 kvar in 3-Ph and 275 kvar in 1-Ph at 415V (or 440V) and is designed with a small footprint. An overall reactive power compensation rating up to 12000 kvar can be reached by paralleling modules in a hybrid topology. PQCR+ technology works on the principle of Voltage Source Converter (VSC) using high power IGBTS and low loss film capacitors.

PQCR+ has the additional feature of mitigating harmonics along with its essential features of load balancing and instantaneous and stepless reactive power compensation. PQCR+ enhances power quality and efficiency of the electrical network, ensures grid compliance, as well as provides other benefits like:

  • A positive impact on reducing system losses and carbon footprint 
  • Lower maintenance need and enhance life of electrical installations


  • Inductive and capacitive loads
  • Three phase and single phase applications
  • Highly fluctuating loads (arc furnace loads, spot welding loads, DC drives etc)
  • Industrial loads fed by weak networks
  • Railway applications

Why Hitachi Energy?

PQCR+ is a versatile product that comes with following features:

  • Suitable for low and medium-voltage networks with step-up transformer
  • Easy and convenient operation with touchscreen interface
  • Easy installation and commissioning
  • No risk of harmonic amplification
  • Dedicated R&D team with extensive experience

Brief performance data

Parameters  3 Ph 1 Ph 
Nominal voltage 380 - 440 V 380 - 440 V
Maximum kvar support 325 kvar 210 kvar
Maximum capacity per unit 450 A(RMS) 500 A(RMS)
Maximum kvar support @ voltage 415/440 V 415/ 440 V
Harmonics to filter3 4 individual harmonics from 5th to 13th 4 individual harmonics from 3rd to 11th
Network frequency 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz
Response time <20 ms <20 ms
Number of parallel operations 32 32
Communication features Ethernet/LAN port Ethernet/LAN port
Target power factor setting (inductive/capacitive) Programmable from 0.6 (inductive) to 0.6 (capacitive) 
Acoustic noise level 60 dB 60 dB
Dimensions (without doors and roof) WxDxH 900x900x2000 mm  900x900x2000 mm
var compensation
Load unbalance compensation
Yes NA 
Unbalance compensation range 50 and 100%  NA
Ambient temperature -5 to 40°C -5 to 40°C
Enclosure IP protection IP30 IP30
Relative humidity 0-95% 0-95% 
Product standard IEC 61439  IEC 61439 

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