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Customer Success Story

Scott Transformers to strengthen the Indian Railways power system

Strengthening the power supply system in railways

Hitachi Energy is the first company to supply the largest power-rated Scott transformers in India, with multiple units of 100MVA 132kV and 230kV.

The transformers will enable the upgrade of the rail infrastructure electrical system in Western India to allow trains to reach speeds of 160km/h, a +20% increase compared to today’s 130km/h maximum speed. With a higher capacity and higher speed, the commute of the passengers between 4 major cities in India will become faster and more reliable.

The increase in speed and frequency of trains to support the fast urbanization and the growing demand for mobility in the region requires an efficient and reliable rail transportation system. That is making the Scott-connected transformers an optimum solution to meet the additional power requirements to increase axle load, train frequency, and power rating of a locomotive or train sets as they help to balance the catenary loads, allowing better power quality and a more stable power system.

Hitachi Energy addressed different challenges to build a totally new transformer design and solution while meeting the project schedule with the highest quality standards and robustness while minimizing the throughput time.

In a 2x25 kV system, power is fed from the traction substation at 50 kV and utilization is achieved at 25 kV through the following:

  • Providing auto-transformers of adequate capacity
  • Providing one additional conductor normally referred to as “feeder wire”

The centre point of the auto-transformer is connected to the earth/rail that facilitates +25 kV voltage between the overhead equipment (OHE) and rail and 25 kV voltage between the rail/earth and the feeder wire.

Main data
Product Scott-connected transformers
Application Transport/Rail
Power rating 100 MVA 132 kV and 100 MVA 220 kV
Location India