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Offshore Wind Power

Offshore wind power is a fast-growing, promising means of delivering consistent, clean and affordable renewable energy.

Hitachi Energy has more than 120 years’ experience in pioneering markets, and is connecting more than 38 GW offshore wind power to the grid.

Our expansive solutions portfolio helps connect the world’s largest offshore wind farms to onshore grids whilst weathering the most extreme environments to bring clean power to millions of homes and businesses around the world. 

Our development of breakthrough innovations, such as major developments in floating platform technology, promise to help open previously inaccessible markets for our customers and partners.

The challenges of offshore wind power

Perhaps the most notable challenge is the ability to connect and integrate large amounts of power to the grid over long distances while entering into deeper water.

It’s essential that grids can remain resilient and become more flexible to adapt to the world’s fast-changing energy demands.  

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What we bring to offshore wind power

Reduce operational costs​

Generate, connect, monitor and control renewable power energy with our complete suite of offshore wind energy solutions. These services will also help you to maintain and optimize systems whilst reducing time-to-market.

Ensure system stability and reliability​

Our pioneering HVDC offshore wind compact solutions not only offer lower transmission cost whilst transmitting large volumes of power over long distances, but are also grid code compliant and provide 'black start' capability and greater system reliability.

Improve asset performance management​

Control and monitor equipment in real-time whilst improving system uptime with our digital Lumada portfolio of end-to-end solutions.

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ドッガー・バンク・ウィンド・ファームに設置された最初の風力タービン。クレジット:Dogger Bank Wind Farm Ltd 2023.

Exciting update: Dogger Bank Wind Farm

Hitachi Energy helps deliver first power from world’s largest offshore wind farm in record time!

OceaniQ™ - innovative technological solutions

Innovative solutions designed for the offshore environment

OceaniQ is Hitachi Energy’s innovative offshore portfolio of products, solutions, and services for reducing costs, increasing safety and improving efficiency for the offshore segment.


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