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Colocation Data Center Energy Solutions

Colocation data center energy solutions empower rapid expansion and fast deployment through standardized and modular designs. Learn more today.

The rapid increase in reliance upon data centers is placing additional pressure on colocation centers as they seek to expand their footprint and operations quickly and efficiently.

Colocation owners, managers, and engineers require modular, repeatable designs that not only enable rapid expansion and fast deployment, but that also minimize costs and maximize uptime – all while protecting your operations with greater data protection and cybersecurity.

Hitachi Energy is your trusted partner for grid connection and data center electrification.

Unmatched value for colocation data centers

Hitachi Energy is the partner of choice to deploy and power a tailored data center infrastructure that can be repeated, rapidly deployed, and easily scaled as data demands intensify.

Our team are with you throughout the entire lifecycle of your data center, equipping you with the competitive edge to stay ahead and on target for net zero.

Rapid installation

Add capacity as fast as possible across multiple sites with standardized and prefabricated designs.

Maximum uptime/ Minimal downtime

Resilient and reliable power connections that work to ensure minimal outages, keeping your data center up and running.


Our global contracts and frame agreements not only support a credible partnership but reflect our capabilities to deliver and service locally.


Future-proof technology that is built with sustainability at its core, helping to reduce the carbon footprint and environmental impact of your data center.

The journey to Net Zero data centers: Multiple pathways all start with a single step

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Data center solutions

Secure, flexible and reliable power solutions to achieve sustainable operations.


Smart and sustainable solutions help customers drive toward carbon negative operations.


Tailored solutions and services for your colocation center needs

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