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Hitachi Energy has a long heritage of strong, enduring and value-creating partnerships. We believe that the most effective solutions only come from collaboration and co-creation with the people closest to the challenges – our customers.

Our globally-connected team of world-class power experts is passionate about working in partnership with customers, solving tough challenges faced by utilities, industry, transport and infrastructure as well as the communities they serve.

The needs of our customers drive everything we do. Based on our safety, integrity and quality, which are all part of our uncompromising DNA, and on customers’ need for transformation and business impact, clients rely on our systems and services to deliver.

Our spirit of partnership extends to our industry – we have leading digital systems, platforms and services, designed to be open, manufacturer-independent and fit with our customers’ existing asset base, advancing the world’s energy system to be more sustainable, flexible and secure.

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Whether you’re looking to become our partner or procure a solution through a partnered arrangement, we value your business and look forward to hearing from you. We support a variety of collaboration plans to drive joint success.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

Hitachi Energy - The strategic partner for your EPC projects

As companies around the globe face up to the huge challenges of navigating the energy transition, recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic and mapping out a digital future, Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) companies will rely more than ever on partners that understand these challenges in the context of big global projects.EPC firms leverage Hitachi Energy’s extensive global experience in electrical power applications, technologies and processes, to mitigate project risk and provide customers with world-class electrical power solutions. Hitachi Energy’s global factory network offers unprecedented flexibility in terms of delivery options, fulfilling local codes and standards, and specific end-client preferences. We provide unique project solutions such as containerized substations that simplify transport and minimize on-site work. Whether you need electrical products, bundled product sets with or without engineering, or a joint business pursuit, Hitachi Energy partners with EPCs and contractors for better customer solutions.

System Integrators

Accelerating the process of digitalization to drive efficiency and improve sustainability credentials, is an important consideration for system integrators. The rise of renewable power and energy storage presents new technological challenges in the energy sector, while the electrification of other sectors of industry heightens end-users’ need for expert partnerships in relevant technologies. System integrators, substation automation and electrical integrators are key partners to Hitachi Energy. We have formal system integrator programs for some of our digital solutions and partnerships for specific projects. Our complete product portfolio reduces interfaces and allows for optimized and shorter delivery schedules towards end-clients. Hitachi Energy also has agreements with local or regional companies that have been granted the right to provide consultancy services in conjunction with our enterprise software solutions. Our global supply and technology solutions complement our integrators, industry and application expertise to provide complete solutions to meet end-users' projects.   


Our distributors’ agility, commercial strength, vertical market reach, and industry expertise coupled with Hitachi Energy leading products – anywhere in the world!

The energy market is dynamic. There are increasing pressures on both lead times and carrying costs. Customers want supply just in time.Hitachi Energy uses distributors to provide a greater dimension to our ability to be local. Our distributors’ ability to be local and immediately accessible is a critical element of Hitachi Energy service levels. Our distributors have integrated supply programs or carry inventory and spares that reduce end user logistics costs. We partner with distributors where end-users may have needs like diversity, locally-managed inventory or local content. Many of our distributors meet the requirements of supply diversity – whether it be woman-owned, veteran-owned, small business or disadvantaged business, a distributor partner can add great value while meeting these requirements for our customers. Our distributor program allows for specialized distributors that receive the highest levels of product and application training, meaning we have local expertise close to our end-user customers. 

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

End-user buyers rely on Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to provide specialized application and focused solutions. These OEMs need strong global partners to support them during the whole life cycle of their products: from early product development and prototypes testing, to manufacturing of project specific designs, serial delivery and ongoing management. Hitachi Energy works with OEMs to provide unique and state-of-the-art solutions for their customers. The strength of our brand, our global and local technical experts, pioneering technologies and global footprint will be part of your success.