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By providing smarter and sustainable data center energy solutions, Hitachi Energy helps customers’ drive toward carbon negative operations.

Hyperscale data centers demand sustainable and reliable electrification

Industry leading technical consultants and 360-degree life cycle services providing hyperscale data center power solutions.


Companies in the hyperscale subsegment are leading the world toward carbon negative, adopting innovative concepts that enable them to be part of the solution.

 High Availability

With ever-improving performance of communication networks, around-the-clock access to online services like online shopping, streaming, gaming, social media are taken for granted. 


Intelligent data needs intelligent power. Remote work teams rely on a secure data environment with integrity of the data. 

Hyperscale solutions for rapid data center growth


increase in data center IP traffic


Connected devices reached


power capacity expected growth

Towards Carbon Neutral

The Energy Transition is key to delivering on our commitments to combat climate change. The shift toward sustainable energy is the challenge of this decade. We are accelerating the energy transition towards a carbon-neutral future by building a flexible, resilient, reliable and sustainable energy system.

Digital Transformer TXpert ™

The digital transformer TXpert portfolio provides real time monitoring of vital transformer parameters giving insights into power quality and asset conditions. Download the real-time data through proven multi-Layer secured communication.

IEC 61850 Process-Bus communication

The fiber-optic process bus allows full-signal acquisition of substation process signals from the field to the control and protection system. Measurements, switchgear status and condition data are digitized in the field and are available across a common network, allowing a reduction of copper-cables by 80%.