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Antitrust guidance notes

Complying with antitrust requirements is non-negotiable at Hitachi Energy. We believe in a competitive, free enterprise system because it guarantees that our work and innovation will be rewarded.

The Hitachi Energy Code of Conduct requires us to compete fairly, safeguard confidential information and be mindful of antitrust risks. Our behavior in our teams, with customers, other business partners and in the communities where we operate, must be guided by our business principles – respect, responsibility and determination – in compliance with antitrust requirements. Hitachi Energy relies on each employee to live by this commitment.

To support this commitment and increase awareness about antitrust risks, the antitrust practice group has created four antitrust guidance notes aimed to provide rules and guidance for all Hitachi Energy employees on how to conduct themselves in accordance with antitrust requirements in certain high risk areas.

Following a "do’s and dont’s" approach, the antitrust guidance notes are designed to address practical business situations and focus on specific topics which could raise antitrust concerns: