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Meet Our People Zurich, Switzerland 17-06-2020

1 min read

Rinaldo Pagani – My Power Grids Story

Rinaldo Pagani taking a selfie at his home

“I am proud to be Power Grids because we are not only “copper and iron;” we are heart, passion and opportunities!”

"Enhancing customer relation, putting people together, developing people, reshaping organization and making them work, developing new business, reinventing old business, seeing everything growing in spite of challenges, mistakes, external constrains, conflict of interests--but all nurtured by a number of colleagues and managers that share the same vision and the same commitment-- that’s what inspires me and gives me purpose to wake up every morning!

Our team culture recipe: leverage on each individual skill as well as on their diversity; blend them together by adding a bit of leadership and an endless amount of leading by example attitude. But do not forget to always have fun and celebrate every success regardless if big or small.

An old advertisement said: power is nothing without control. Today, we could say that sustainable energy is nothing if you cannot distribute it!

As Power Grids, we are making this possible by providing solutions that are reinventing the electrical network, addressing the new requirements that an environmentally-friendly generation demands during this epochal energy transition.

Hitachi to me means: a value-driven, smart, fast acting, but with long term vision corporation. That’s the company I WANT TO WORK WITH and FOR!"